What is an OALA Artist?

The Oklahoma Alliance for Liturgy and the Arts provides a directory listing for professional liturgical artists living in Oklahoma, including those working in visual art, music, drama, dance or liturgical design from any denomination, whose work is intended to enrich Christian worship. Each artist must have a body of work which clearly demonstrates a commitment to the ideals of OALA and whose work inspires or deepens the liturgical experience.

The content of the artists’ work should reflect an understanding of religious symbolism, demonstrate sensitivity for the ecclesiastical space and may encompass a range of Christian traditions. The artist may bridge tradition and innovation, merging the art form and faith, while appealing to a sense of aesthetics and imagination. The work should embody spirituality and exemplify the potential of spiritual transformation within the context of worship.

Each artist must have work available for purchase or be available to accept commissions, consultation or contracting of their artistic or musical services, approaching such opportunity as a testament to the arts in service of the faithful and a sharing of God’s gifts with the faith community.

If this is "you," send an email to music@epiphanyokc.com with a brief paragraph describing your work, including your contact info, and one picture illustrative of your work. If you have a website, please include a link to it.

The current directory, a "work in progress", is linked in the left column of this page.